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In the northern hemisphere, summer rides up on warm winds from the south during the months when the corn ripens. This is the time of fertility, maturity, and productivity. It's warm afternoons of gathering blackberries, the long green swath of summer lushness rising in grass and leaves so slick they shine, the mature years of men and women who have settled to their lives' tasks and to homes and families and being part of a healthy community. The color is red.

People sometimes wonder why the time of mature plants and abundant growth is represented by red on the Circle, rather than green. It's because red earth and lifes' blood both pulse with the fertile creative force of the living Land. However, it's interesting to note that Landsat photographs of the earth's surface do show areas of lush plant growth as red. (This is the wavelength of sunlight that plants reflect to the camera lens on the satellite.) So in standard satellite images used to assess the health of both wild and domesticated plant communities, the color of mature, productive summer is, indeed, red.

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