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The Wisdom of the Land

At Tapestry, the land plays an active role in our work, as integral to the story we live out through our mission as any of our other collaborators. It is also the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual "ground" of our work, as can be understood by exploring the Sacred Circle.

This is possible because in Indigenous worldview, the land is alive. It is a wise Elder with a powerful voice, and it imparts its wisdom to anyone who knows how to listen and learn. People of contemporary modern culture have lost the ability to hear the land and to understand how to relate to it because they live within a worldview that believes the land is not a living entity but a commodity or mere "natural resource".

We help people reconnect to the Land by creating learning environments in which people can learn from the Land for themselves and begin to re-experience the human birthright of kinship with nature that's so essential to the future we all face. Then we help people learn how to process and understand what they learn, and how they might respond to this understanding in their own life.

From 2004-2007 we worked with Sowbelly Canyon in northwestern Nebraska. It was a powerful collaboration. Individuals who came to the canyon for our programs had life-changing experiences that stayed with them when they left. Our events and research meetings were infinitely richer with the power the canyon lent to them. Just being in a place where people could feel the land led to insights and conclusions that could not have been reached elsewhere.

In the fall of 2007, we relocated to New Mexico after the fire of summer 2006 made it impossible to remain at Sowbelly (read more in the Winter Solstice 2007 issue of The Loom). Here, we have found our new land partner - a powerful Place, richly abundant in living things and possessing a strong, clear voice. Here our mission and work can move forward again.

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