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Mesocyclone that formed over Oklahoma City on June 13, 1998. Photographed by Steve Miller. Click on picture for a larger image.
Steve Miller is a Texas stormchaser who follows severe storms around the southern Great Plains. On June 13, 1998, he wrote a chase report about a huge mesocyclone that formed over Oklahoma City, saying, "The swirling rotation was really beautiful within the entire cloud structure...a symphony of delicate and smooth, fluid motions."

The mesocyclone continued to rotate and increase in size, until finally it backed up over the heads of the stormchasers who were watching it, spellbound. Wrote Miller, "The back edge of the meso[cyclone] is just about overhead. Words and pictures cannot describe nor capture the sensation of this was very surreal...a religious experience to say the least." The photograph he took, which accompanied those words, is below.