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  Tapestry's unique events bring together ideas and people with enough diversity of culture, career, and life experience to foster powerful adventures in community learning. The Indigenous worldview that forms a structural framework for everything that happens teaches people where to look for and gather the lost bones of the nature-human relationship, and how to fit them together again. Then the assembled whole can begin to grow and develop into something vitally essential to all of us: a new and ancient relation of kinship between humans and the earth.

Explore the links below to find out more about these truly unique opportunities. And please check back often as we add more events designed to help you reconnect to the land...and to yourself.

Fall Workshop Series for Women: A workshop series that lets you explore the wisdom of cataclysmic change in nature and in cultural traditions from around the world, and learn to apply the power of that understanding in your own life.
The Voice of the Horse Project: We've completed the horse-human relationship survey (spring 2007), and the Voice of the Horse Gathering (summer 2007). The research results from this project will be finalized in a book format for publication. The goal will be to submit the manuscript during fall of 2008, with printing and public release (typically) about a year later.

2007 The Voice of the Horse Online Participant -- "The best thing that came out of the conference for me was renewing the connection I had with horses when I was a child. I don't currently own a horse. But this was such a phenomenal conference."

2005 "Mythic Living" workshop participant -- "A lecture is just a lecture, no matter how good it is. At Tapestry Institute I also got to experience the personal meaning of myth and integrate the science, song, art and movement of myth. All those ways of knowing reinforce each other and work together so that I continue to benefit from the experience."

2002 "Stories from the Circle" Native Science workshop participant -- “The most important thing was being given an opportunity to 'be' in a different way of thinking long enough to actually understand that it exists as a reality, not just as a theoretical concept. It was the unusual combination of academic, artistic, spiritual, conceptual presentations that combined to build the momentum for conceptual change.”

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