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You might feel like your own life is far from mythic, but it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, in Indigenous worldview, every life can be lived mythically and with power.

We are inviting you to participate with us in the mythic story about human reconnection to the land that the Earth is creating right now.

There are four major ways to join the story, no matter how much or how little time or money you have. This story is in Indigenous worldview, so it's not about the bottom line of quantity; what matters is the process of participating.

Make a Donation. When you make a tax-deductible donation to Tapestry Institute, you make it possible for us to conduct the research and produce the resources that allow people to reconnect with the land. Your donations provide the funds necessary to allow innovative work to be done using Indigenous worldview. Our work is not possible without your generous support.

Visit the Tapestry Institute Store. Your purchase of a product in our Tapestry Institute Store, whether it be a donated item for sale or a specially-created Tapestry item, helps fund our research and education projects. Buy a gift for a friend or relative or treat yourself to something special. When you make a purchase you know that your money is going to fund a worthy cause.

Read our blog. A weblog, blog for short, is a great way to keep updated on Tapestry's work. In addition, you will be able to read essays by Tapestry's staff concerning events that affect your life.

Use our resources. Use our resources to learn more about how to reconnect to the land -- and then put what you learn into motion in your own life. Let us help you learn how to start restoring your own kinship with the land by exploring our website, using the Digital Library of Indigenous Science Resources, buying and reading our publications, and see what kinds of changes it makes in your life and environment. Then share what you learn with your children or grandchildren, other family members, and friends.

Share Your Knowledge. Your voice is important. You have experiences of relationship to the land that others can learn from. You know about resources others have prepared, about their relationship to the land, that people can learn from if they know about them. Consider submitting original work for possible publication in The LOOM or take part in a research survey.

Subscribe to The LOOM. Read our free quarterly newsletter full of news and original essays and artwork. It's easy to subscribe electronically via email or read it online. The ideas and images you'll find here will help you find new ways you and those you love can participate in the story of human reconnection to the earth.

Come join us...take part...make a difference...reconnect to the land and see how it changes you and the world around you!


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