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We need a little help from our friends...

We've nearly got our programs back on track after the wildfire knocked them to bits, and the wildfire book is progressing well. BUT...

   Our five-year-old computer equipment is starting to fail. We lost one Mac PowerBook G4 last fall and got a rebuilt one. Now the second of the two has gone down, taking data with it. Our external hard drive crashed the same week. (Isn't there a rule against that?) Both need to have data recovered from them, and we need to repair and/or replace the units.

   As if that wasn't enough, lightning struck our phone line while we were packing to relocate and fried the little Airport Express that gives us Wi-Fi, totalled the modem, and cooked the phone. Our new phone company provided a new modem and we plugged in a funky old phone we had around in a box, but until we can replace the Airport we're down to one-person-online-at-a-time. We circle the modem like planes stacked up at O'Hare.

Folks, if you think the work we do is important and needs to continue, we really need your help. ALL donations are tax-deductible, and what's more they matter. We're not a giant organization that sneezes at small change. Your $5.00 makes a difference to us and our work! Please donate today by PAYPAL (below) or by sending a check or money order to: Tapestry Institute, P.O. Box 252, Rowe NM 87562.

For Paypal: Make a donation online by clicking the button below. The button will take you to Paypal's secure, online payment service. Please enter the amount of your donation at that site.

Your donation to Tapestry is tax-deductible, and you will receive a receipt from us shortly. Please keep it for your tax records. Thank you!!

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